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Finding the Right Family Lawyers in Rockhampton

Finding the Right Family Lawyers in Rockhampton

Empower Yourself with Information Regarding Family Law and Your Rights

Are you looking for family lawyers who service Rockhampton and surrounding areas? There are many ways for relationships to start and unfortunately there are just as many ways for relationships to end. Trying to navigate the road to separation and divorce, and determining parenting responsibilities can be a daunting task, especially when undertaken alone. This is where our experienced family lawyers can help you understand your rights and determine the best course of action to reach an agreeable resolution.  Our lawyers are experienced in family law and are able to provide a full range of family law services including the following:

  • Provide advice about separation and your rights associated with it.
  • Provide advice and legal counsel regarding property division and property settlement which may include Binding Financial Agreements, Consent Orders and possible Court Litigation.
  • Paternity testing (if there is a need to prove parentage).
  • Child support issues including rights, agreements and recovering past payments.
  • Prenuptial Agreements

Changes to your family can be an extremely stressful event for everyone involved. Finding the right family lawyer can provide the advice you need to successfully navigate this difficult situation. Knowing what to expect and formulating a plan will empower and enable you to find the best way to move forward. Our experienced and dedicated Family Law lawyers provide all types of family law services in Rockhampton as well as surrounding areas such as Gladstone, Bundaberg, Mackay, Yeppoon and Hervey Bay.

Unique Advice for Your Unique Situation

Every relationship is different with its own set of circumstances. My Legal Crunch is a progressive and trusted legal firm with a focus on delivering law services that are tailored to individual needs while being superior in quality as well as cost. My Legal Crunch offers a number of experienced Family Law lawyers who primarily practice in the area of Family Law.

Whether you are merely considering the possibility of a divorce or separation, or are completely committed to pursuing these actions, speaking to an experienced Family Lawyer can provide valuable advice related to the following:

  • Divorce and Separation Advice – this may include making a plan for divorce or separation
  • Understanding Same-Sex separation and your rights
  • Domestic violence
  • De Facto Separation including what constitutes a De Facto relationship and what rights you have
  • Updating of Wills and Estate Planning as a result of a divorce or separation  

Professional Family Law Services Whenever You Need Them

As a progressive law firm, My Legal Crunch embraces technology to provide the best possible services for clients that combine experience as well as convenience. The firm understands that people are busy, especially when dealing with the end of a relationship. As a result, My Legal Crunch utilizes the latest technologies to keep clients informed and to schedule meetings that are convenient. You can schedule a phone call, an office meeting or even a video teleconference depending on your unique needs and personal schedule. They can even come to see you in your home or office.

Accessible Family Lawyers

Communities in Queensland including Rockhampton have access to highly qualified family lawyers without having to travel to larger cities like Brisbane. Accessible and tech-savvy law firms provide legal advice and representation effectively through tools like client portals and video-chatting. Gone are the days of meetings in stuffy board rooms and messages that go unanswered. With a collaborative approach, family lawyers communicate and can provide status updates of your case. Whether it be regarding financial matters, divorce or separation, or child custody, by accessing a client portal you will have all the information handy on how the legal team is handling the case. What stage are they in? When is the next meeting or court appearance? All this information will be accessible 24/7. Even before choosing a legal team to represent you, assess how they communicate with you. Are they up front? Do they answer all your questions? Do they provide alternatives to attending court? A good family lawyer will do their best to keep your case out of the court and recommend settling with your ex through mediation. This provides a quick and efficient decision regarding divorce, binding financial agreements and child custody. It also provides peace of mind and allows for an amicable solution that is fair to all parties involved.


The end of a relationship can create a lot of questions that are hard to answer. Trust the experienced legal team at My Legal Crunch to protect your rights and provide clear answers to your toughest questions. Contact the trusted Family lawyers in Rockhampton, My Legal Crunch, today and see how they can help you navigate this difficult and stressful time.

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